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    A preacher’s son, born in West TN, Caleb has been surrounded by various forms of music and performance opportunities since childhood. He grew up traveling with his father to churches where he fell in love with singing and performing for those congregations. As he grew older, his musical roots expanded through touring with bluegrass bands and southern gospel groups. He always loved the stories and the melodies captured in early 90’s country songs. He watched his hometown hero, Darryl Worley, successfully make the move to Nashville. His desire to write and play country songs had grown to an undeniable point. He decided he too had to make that same move to Nashville.In the early part of 2020 he began his tenure in Nashville performing, writing, and recording new music. His debut single “River Bent” charted on the Music Row and Billboard Indicator charts. His single “Dry Spell” has reached over a 100k streams and counting. His music and his live shows exemplify his connection to his audience as people seek to stream and listen to the songs, and venues seek to book his live shows.

    Caleb has again taken to the road but this time to support his own new country music. His high energy performances sprinkled with intimate crowd connecting moments allows him to deliver his own original music as well as his extensive list of covers to an audience in his own unique and memorable way. His live shows are being recognized throughout Nashville venues as a crowd drawing attraction which has allowed him to begin several residencies at clubs in town. But that has not decreased his desire to be on the road reaching crowds all across the Southeast. His willingness to play venues from bars to restaurants to private parties and to be able to adjust his show to each venue’s demographic and leave the crowd wanting another show is rare among young artists, but that is who Caleb Kelley is as a live performer. Caleb is an old musical soul wrapped up in a young, energetic, and highly entertaining exterior.

    Creating a song from the first idea to a finished, produced product then delivering and sharing the song through live performance is Caleb Kelley’s passion. He has taken his life lessons and experiences as well as his own observations of the world around him and put them to music to tell real and relatable stories in his songs. With infectious melodies and powerful lyrics his songs are making an impact on the people who stream them as well the person sitting in the audience who hears him play live. Much like Garth Brooks, Darryl Worley, Merle Haggard and many other country greats, art imitates life, and Caleb Kelley is following along in those same footsteps!

    Tour Dates

    • Weekly Residency: The Valentine Nashville, TN

      every Saturday 8:30 PM - 11:30 PM

    • Weekly Residency: Famous Nashville Nashville, TN

      every Sunday 2:30PM-6:30PM unless there is a Titans game on those days it starts at 3:30PM.




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