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    High Energy ALL THE TIME - that's Caleb Kelley. From his energetic stage presence, to his intimate sit-down moments, a good time is guaranteed. Born in Savannah, TN, the son of a preacher, Caleb has been surrounded by entertainment and performance since childhood. Traveling with his father to multiple churches, he fell in love with singing and performing for a crowd. From touring with a bluegrass band as well as a southern gospel group, Caleb's roots have always been grounded in country music. He soon began to record and release music, with several of those hitting marks on the Music Row charts. Caleb now resides in Nashville and spends his days writing songs with some of the best songwriters in town and most nights playing writers rounds or full band shows as a favorite with the local venues.

    “It’s all about the song... when I turn the radio on to listen to music; I want to hear something that I can relate to. Something that makes me feel something, something that matters... THAT is what I strive to bring to my fans”

    Tour Dates

    • Weekly Residency: The Valentine Nashville, TN

      every Saturday 8:30 PM - 11:30 PM

    • Weekly Residency: Famous Nashville Nashville, TN

      every Sunday 2:30PM-6:30PM unless there is a Titans game on those days it starts at 3:30PM.




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